AVA Velsen Gesellschaftsstruktur

An important element in the waste management sector in Saarland

The Velsen waste-to-energy plant is an important element in the waste management sector in Saarland, a small state with 1 million inhabitants in the South West of the Federal Republic of Germany. Saarland's Waste Disposal Association (EVS), a joint body comprising the 52 local communities in Saarland, is responsible for the ecologically sound disposal of Saarland's waste. For the operation of the Velsen waste-to-energy plant an operating company was jointly formed by the EVS subsidiary EVS Gesellschaft für Abfallverwertungsanlagen mbH and the ecological technology company SOTEC GmbH. SOTEC is also responsible for the operation of the waste-to-energy plants AHKW-Neunkirchen, MHKW-Pirmasens and TREA-Breisgau - all in Germany -, and the ETRS da Meia Serra on Madeira.